A1 Chicken Satay

A3 Po Pia Sod (Fresh Summer Rolls)

A10 Thai Orchid Sampler

A1 Chicken Satay - GF | $8.50

Grilled curry chicken skewers, served with hot satay sauce & cucumber sauce

A2 Po Pia Tod (Fried Spring Rolls) - GF | $6.00

Fried vegetarian wrap with cabbage & carrot, serve with sweetened chili sauce

A3 Po Pia Sod (Fresh Summer Rolls) - GF | $6.50

Tofu, Shrimp, Veggie, or AvocadoHand-rolled rice noodles, stuffed with your choice of the above, fresh carrots, cucumber, lettuce & rice vermicelli served with special peanut sauce

A4 Pot Stickers (Steamed or Fried) - RGF | $6.00

Pork dumplings with cabbage and onion, served with ginger-infused soy sauce

A5 Crab Rangoon - GF | $7.00

Deep-fried wontons stuffed with cream cheese, crabmeat, carrots, and onions

A6 Thai Vegetable Dumplings - RGF | $7.00

Fried vegetable & rice flour dumplings, served with ginger-infused soy sauce

A8 Pak Tod (Veggies Tempura) | $8.00

Sweet potato, green beans, broccoli, & onions, served with chili & peanuts

A9 Thai Orchid Wings - GF

Single order - $8.00 | Double wings - $15.00

Award winning recipe, deep fried wings prepared Thai style, served with sweet and sour sauce and hot sauce.

A10 Thai Orchid Sampler | $15.00

A mixed offering of spring rolls, chicken satay, fresh summer roll, pot stickers, crab rangoons, veggie dumplings, & veggie tempura, with sauces for each

A11 Tofu Triangles - GF | $6.00

Deep-fried tofu with sweet and sour sauce topped with crushed peanuts

A12 Crying Tiger (Suea Rong Hi) - GF | $11.00

Grilled, tender, marinated flank steak served with our spicy crying tiger sauce.